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The Fixer Does Bikes: Broken Bollards on the Martin Goodman Trail

Some of Toronto’s bike infrastructure showed up in Jake Lakey’s Fixer Column in the Star last weekend! Sounds like a car accident sheared off some bollards near the Palais Royale on the Martin Goodman trail (near where the pedestrian bridge spans the tracks connecting the waterfront with the Queen & King & Roncesvalles intersection) and the sharp little stumps are causing problems:

Alan Zysman sent us an email entitled “Death Trap on the Waterfront Trail,” outlining his recent encounter with the five-centimetre-high stub of a bollard next to the Palais Royale, just west of the Boulevard Club, while cycling.

“I did not see this post, ran over it on my bike, which caused both front and rear tires to blow,” said Zysman.

“It cut the tires, tubes and damaged both rims.

“Fortunately, I did not lose control, but the next person who hits it may, which could cause serious physical injury.”

Be careful out there. The bollard stumps have reportedly been removed, but it’s always good to pay attention.

[image credit – Spacing Toronto]