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Montreal is looking at "self-serve" bike rentals

Hot on the heels of Paris’ enormously successful quick and easy bike rental scheme, comes news of the first Canadian city seriously looking at it too:

“Montreal wants to be the bicycle city par excellence in North America and this project will definitely help us get there,” … The idea is to encourage Montrealers and tourists to use the public bicycles instead of cars for short, inner city trips, allowing them to pick up a bike at one station, use it for half an hour or an hour, and then drop it off at any other station of their choice.

The city has commissioned Stationnement Montreal, a subsidiary of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, to design and execute the bike rental system. The company, which currently manages the city’s paid on-street and public parking lots, will invest $15 million to get the project up and running, and expects to eventually recoup these costs.

I must say that it is inspired – getting the Parking people to run it – especially since it looks like it’ll be a moneymaker.

I can see Toronto commissioning the Toronto Parking Authority to do it… can you?