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Bike Lane Status Report

Martin Koob over at the information cornucopia that is BikeToronto has updated his 2007 Bikeway Network Projects: tracking the progress post from last week and has an updated version up now:

First there is an update from Bill Brown of Dundas E.A.S.T. that the Knox contra-flow lane is completed which you can see more information about in the following article. Knox Contra-Flow Lane Completed

Second Tammy Thorne of Spacing notes that Roselawn Avenue from Marlee to Salinas, which has been completed, was left off the list I posted. … Tammy goes into the issue in more detail in her [Spacing Article]. Her article has also generated a lively discussion on contra-flow lanes and where they could be added that is worth checking out.

Check out the BikeToronto post for a complete list of all 2007 Bikeway Network Projects and their status.

Looking north at the intersection of Eastern an Knox the new contra-flow bicycle lane can be seen along with the ‘bicycles excepted’ sign below the ‘no entry’ sign which permits only cyclists to travel northbound at this point.

[photo and caption courtesy of BikeToronto]