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Stuff: New Bicycle Seat Helps The Libido

I don’t find my bike seat too uncomfortable (except when I’ve been biking for 5 hours straight or something), but the MoonSaddle looks like it could really hope those who have troubles with regular bike seats:

Dennis Bell was a busy engineer in Huntington Beach, Calif., when he noticed it was time to slim down.

He bought a bicycle at a garage sale, but weight wasn’t all Bell lost to cycling.

“I started having boy problems because of the nose-on-the-saddle numbness, erectile dysfunction,” said Bell, who now lives in Philipsburg.

While some men would have ditched the bicycle for the libido, Bell wanted both. An inventor holding more than 30 patents, he set out to create an alternative bike seat.

MoonSaddle has a growing list of customers who say the eye-catching seat takes painful pressure off sensitive parts without sacrificing performance.

“I could realistically ride 100 miles without bike shorts” on the MoonSaddle, said Barry Falcon, who completes century rides to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. “Even though I’m on the bike for eight hours at a time, I can get off and I don’t have any discomfort.”