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South Kingsway on Toronto Pedestrian Committee Agenda

Attention All Pedestrians, Cyclists, Bladers and Transit Users: South Kingsway on TPC Agenda

[This is courtesy of TCAT, and I mentioned this back in July too. ]

Responding to a letter from the Toronto Urban Renewal Network (TURN), the Toronto Pedestrian Committee (TPC) will be considering a motion to re-open the South Kingsway/Queensway Environmental Assessment (EA) on Wednesday, September 12th at 3:00pm. At issue is the opportunity for the City to use almost $1 million to make progressive pedestrian, cycling and transit access improvements that meet the City’s Official Plan, Pedestrian Charter and Bike Plan or simply re-construct the 1950s style interchange virtually “as is”.

Bill Saundercook, the local Councillor who declared the EA dead in July, will chair the TPC meeting. The TPC is comprised of citizen appointees and two councillors (see www.toronto.ca/tpc/#members). The meeting is open to the public so TURN requests that you attend in person and/or phone TPC members in advance requesting that they support the motion. This could well be the last chance to bring this fast and dangerous car-oriented area into the 21st century by making it much more people-friendly. For further information, contact Marty Collier at marty.colliersympatico.ca .


Marty Collier

Member, Toronto Urban Renewal Network (TURN)


Toronto Pedestrian Committee Meeting
Wednesday, September 12 at 3pm
City Hall, Committee Room 3

Full TPC Agenda for Sept. 12th ( South Kingsway is Item #2)

Background on South Kingsway pedestrian improvements