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Queens Quay Bikelanes in Jeopardy

Last summer, the temporary installation of Quay to the City on Queens Quay felt (to me anyways) like a small “tipping point” in Toronto’s way to being a truly bike-friendly city. Cyclists loved it, pedestrians loved it. Drivers may not have liked losing half of the street, but having what I like to call “intermodal balance” (dedicated space for cars, transit, bikes and pedestrians) is something that is sorely lacking in Toronto (so far).

That was a trial-run for the permanent installation that was supposed to start construction this fall (if my memory is correct), but BikeLaneDiary is reporting that area businesses are putting up a stink (somehow believing that transit users, cyclists and pedestrians don’t shop or spend money) about them and that WaterfronToronto is doing another EA (Envrionmental acessment) of that stretch before committing to development plans.

Let them know you want these physically seperate bikelanes on Queens Quay. That Queens Quay NEEDS them for this section of the waterfront to have any sustainable future at all.

Contact info:

Andrea Kelemen
Communications + Marketing
Waterfront Toronto
20 Bay Street Suite 1310
Toronto ON M5J 2N8
Tel: (416) 214 1344 x248

  • Todd Tyrtle

    Perhaps we should also find a way to attack the problem at its source – can we visit or write letters to the store owners – perhaps pay them a visit during critical mass?

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t seem to be relevant… Cars still exist on the road so even if it were true that only motorists make purchases it doesn’t make a difference. However, with that aside, it is my opinion that the claim that only motorists shop is pretty bogus. I regularly make purchases while on foot or on my bike. Mind you, these purchases are not as diverse as the purchases that would be made while I’m driving. Finally, I think it would be fair to speculate that the majority of cars that are passing by are merely commuting and not planning on making purchases just like cyclists or pedestrians.

  • joe

    Very good points Todd and Mr. Anon. :)

    Thanks for commenting.

  • Anonymous

    You’re memory was not correct. Construction was not to begin in the fall of 2007. The required Evironmental Assesssment just had its first Public Forum last night. Construction will likely not begin until late 2009/early 2010.

  • Joe

    My memory is correct – there is more to the Waterfront plans than just the re-configuration of Queens Quay – and that is what the current meetings for the EA is for. Both West8 (the winning design) and The City of Toronto were aiming for 2007 for the reconfiguration of Queens Quay because it would be relatively easy to do and make large changes to the feel of the street cheaply.

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