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New Cycling and Pedestrian Initiatives On the Way, Hopefully

The Globe and Mail has an intriguing article today about a bunch of cycling and pedestrian initiatives due to come up before the City Council Works Committee next week:

A pedestrian-only street, a city-spanning bike lane from Etobicoke to Scarborough and automated cameras to bust illegal left-turners – all those and more innovative schemes are about to hit the city council agenda as transportation planners experiment with low-cost ways to ease Toronto’s congested traffic.

“What we’re trying to do, it requires a public mind shift,” Mr. McPhail said yesterday in an interview. “The public out there has to realize that the way they’ve been travelling historically … just cannot continue.”

Works committee chairman Glenn De Baeremaeker, an avid cyclist and key ally of Mayor David Miller, said the report would win council’s support.

“To me it’s a revolutionary document that’s going to be the transportation bible for the next decade,” Mr. De Baeremaeker said.

Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, I encourage you to contact the Public Secretariat and all the members of the Works Committee and let them know you want them to make Toronto more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly.

Councillors on the Works Committee

Glenn De Baeremaeker, Chair
Shelley Carroll
Adam Giambrone
Mark Grimes
Chin Lee
John Parker

Use this handy email link to email all of them at once :)

[image by Gabi]