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BikeFriday: What’s on for August 31st

Great stuff happening in BikeFriday land :)

We’ve got all the crazy bikepools / group commutes happening (I’ll list them below) all over Toronto (but you can add yours too, if you want), but here’s a few events you’ll want to check out:

Grassroot’s Bikers Breakfast:
8:00 AM –
9:30 AM

Hop on your bike and find some two-wheeled solidarity this Friday among the folks at Grassroots-Annex (408 Bloor Street West, at Brunswick), for our monthly “Biker Breakfast” in support of Toronto’s bicycle commuters.

Enjoy a delicious, wholesome breakfast snack donated by our friends at Organics on Bloor (468 Bloor St. W.) and Urban Herbivore (64 Oxford St.).

You can even bring your own coffee mug for extra-environmentally-friendly coffee drinking! :)

Alternative Grounds’ Coffee for Cyclists:
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Show up at Alternative Grounds (333 Roncesvalles) with your bike helmet and score yourself a free in-store (not take-out) coffee.

Critical Mass
6:00 – 8:00 PM

THE biking event for cyclist who want to show other road users that bikes belong on the streets.

Join hundreds of other Toronto cyclists for a sometimes civil, sometimes hell-raising ride around downtown.

Meet up on the south-east corner of Bloor & Spadina at 6:00, ride at 6:30.

BikePools / Group Commutes
7:00 – 9:00 AM

The concept is simple – let’s meet up in groups and ride to work together. Biking to work can sometimes be dangerous – but it’s safer when you ride with other people.

Drivers are a lot more careful around groups of cyclists. Riding in a group encourages novice cyclists to participate and makes cyclists more visible to motorists. Organized rides also show motorists that cycling is a viable alternative to driving.

If you already ride your bike to work, why not invite others to join you. Email joe@bikingtoronto.com to have your BikeFriday route posted on this website.

Bike-Commute in Mississauga?
Smart Commute Mississauga has Group Rides for you!

7:00 AM – Parliament & Carlton
to Victoria Park & Gordon Baker Road [map]
To join this ride, email David at

7:30 AM – Yonge & Major Mackenzie
to Hwy 7 & Warden [map]
To join this ride, email Andrew at

7:30 AM – Bloor & HighPark (Westbound)
to Mississauga City Centre [map]
To join this ride, email Vic at

8:00 AM – Bloor & HighPark (Eastbound)
via Bloor to downtown [map]
To join this ride, email Martino at

8:00 AM – Danforth & Woodbine
via the Danforth & Bloor to downtown [map]
To join this ride, email Joe at

8:00 AM – Yonge & Lawrence
to Hwy 7 & Leslie [map]
To join this ride, email Darren at

8:45 AM – Roncesvalles & Grenadier
(Alternative Grounds Coffee Shop, 333 Roncy)
to the University of Toronto [map]
To join this ride, email Tammy at

Add YOUR Commute!
Add your bike-to-work route to this page, find others going the same way. Email BikeFriday.

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