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BikeFriday in the Mississauga News!

A couple articles appeared in the Mississauga News before and after the most recent BikeFriday (June 29th, 2007). Here they are for your reading enjoyment. :)


Pedal pushers back in style

When a large group of cyclists wend their way from Riverwood to City Hall this Friday in an historic ride, Smart Commute Mississauga’s Glenn Gumulka says they will be showing that riding a bike is a realistic way to get to work.


Cyclists make smart commute

Two dozen cyclists made their way from Riverwood Park to City Hall on Friday morning, ushering in the first-ever local Bike Friday.

If you’re interested in starting your own Group Commute / BikePool – see the BikeFriday site, or the BikeFriday page on I Bike T.O.

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