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Photos from the Ride for Heart

Last year, Tracy and I missed the Ride for Heart, as we had gotten married the day before, and were leaving for our honeymoon the day after. I guess we could have fit in in somewhere, but we had family stuff to do that day too.

Luckily, this year we were free on the first Sunday of June (which happened to fall smack-dab on our first anniversary…) so we signed up for the Ride as soon as the website allowed and tried to get a few long training rides in to get used to 50 K (and, since we live about 10 K from the Exhibition Grounds, we had to prepare for 70 K, since we of course biked to and from the event), as well as got our friends, family and co-workers to sponsor us for the great cause.

Here’s a few photos I took when I wasn’t zooming up and down hills on the Gardiner and DVP:

Getting to the start… slowly….

Waiting in line to start…

Lots of people with us

We look super happy, considering we’re about to start a 50 K ride. :)

Above: Lots of cyclists, just north of the Prince Edward (Bloor) Viaduct.

At the 50 K turn-around point at the DVP and York Mills.