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Torontoist Asks "Where Are Truck SideGuards?"

Marc Lostracco of Torontoist asks a great question: 9 years after the Coroner’s report recommending sideguards for trucks for cyclist and pedestrain safety, why won’t Transport Canada set requirements in the Highway Traffic Act that all new trucks be designed with side wheel guards to deflect cyclists in a collision?

In the U.K. and Europe, the deflectors have been mandated by law since the 1980s. According to the City staff report, Transport Canada advised that there is currently “no similar Canadian regulation because the nature of the traffic mix in Canada is different to that in Europe.” So? With few bike lanes and so many construction and utility vehicles, Toronto cyclists are at particular risk at a rate of about ten injurious collisions with large trucks annually.

Tons more great info and links at Torontoist.

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