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Students Accidentally Catch Cyclist Assault On Tape

Students Accidentally Catch Cyclist Assault On Tape:

“It was supposed to be a class project on public spaces in Toronto. But it turned into an amazing education on the legal system for a group of Grade 12 students Tuesday. Their cameras were rolling when they caught a startling crime on tape – a road rage incident in which a man physically attacks a cyclist.”

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  • Anonymous

    f*cking typical that the cop did’nt belive it till the video they never believe any thing between a car or car driver and I bett the driver will get alittle tap on the wrist like normal

  • Tuco

    Just after the motorist kicked the guy’s bike, I’d like to know what the cyclist was going to do – or said he was going to do – as he picked his bike up and seemed about to toss it onto the hood of the car or into the windshield.

    As inclined as I am to be sympathetic to the cyclist – the threat of having a bike thrown at his windshield may have been what really set the motorist off.

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