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One Week Until BikeFriday

Yup, only a week to go before May’s BikeFriday … just in time for BikeWeek!

Don’t wait until the city-sponsored Group Commute on Monday, May 28th to ride with others… you can find others going your way on other days too.

Martino (he of the famous BikeLaneDiary) is a great example. Not content with a great idea like BikeFriday happening once a month, he’s sent out an open invitation for an 8 AM BikePool from Bloor & High Park EVERY Friday.

The first couple of Martino’s weekly rides were lonely, but that’s starting to change, as he had a group of five biking this morning from High Park along Bloor, all the way to downtown!

Don’t forget, I Bike T.O. has a RideMatching service, where you can list your commute and find others going the same way!