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Cyclist Assault Update – The Driver is a Cop

Yes, the driver in the road rage incident yesterday (the one in which a driver lost his bananas on a cyclist who didn’t bike through a yellow light) is a policeman. A suspended policeman.

I’m tempted to give some “props” to the cop for turning himself in… but wonder if he would’ve if a video camera didn’t catch the whole thing? Let’s be positive and assume he would have.

Interesting coverage (and subsequent coverage) in the Toronto blogs today too:

Spacing Wire – comments are generally supportive of the cyclist, with some discussing ways to discourage automobile use on smog days.

BlogTO – comments are mixed … some are saying that the cyclist wanted to throw his bike on the hood of the car (which somehow justifies the behaviour of the driver?)

The cyclist does pick up his bike, but seeing as how it’s AFTER the driver has already kicked it, I think the cyclist was just trying to get the bike out of harms way. Add this to the fact that the cyclist was trying to get away from the psycho driver hitting him… well, it doesn’t seem like the cyclist is that confrontational.

Now, having made that argument… if a driver kicked or hit your bike with the intention of damaging it… why is intending to damage their car viewed as worse? Because the driver spent more money on their vehicle? That’s their mistake.

  • Anonymous

    BlogTO and Torontoist readers are a weird, mix bag. I think too many of them are sniffing markers.

  • Tuco

    My jaw dropped open last night when I saw on the news that this guy was a cop! I haven’t read far enough to figure out what he was suspended, but you wonder if it was something to do with chronic rage?

    So the cops won’t ticket cars parked in bike lanes, but they will slug cyclists who stop at yellow lights – awesome.

  • Andrew

    I think things could have been much worse. For example, the driver/cop could have used their car instead of their fist to enforce their version of justice.