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Bloor & Spadina

A lot of cyclists in Toronto are familiar with the intersection of Bloor & Spadina… the giant dominoes, the gardens, and the oasis from traffic at a busy intersection… but perhaps most significantly, it’s the startpoint for Critical Mass on the last friday of every month (BikeFriday).

The above photo is from around 1960, courtesy of the Spacing Wire. It’s looking southbound. The intersection is almost unrecognizable, except for the Jewish Community Centre on the right.

As a contrast to this autocentric, pedestrian unfriendly and asphalt nightmare that Bloor and Spadina used to be, below is the opposite view of this intersection, taken by Martino last friday:

(you can click it for a larger version – the person who took the 1960 shot was probably standing in front of where the Scotiabank is now…)

The actual Critical Mass ride on Friday was pretty fun. There were about 100 people when it started, but that soon grew to 200+ as people joined the ride. The ride made it’s way eventually to Bloor & Dufferin for a re-installation of a Ghost Bike, and then continued on it’s way.

CityTV was there, and there news story about it was pretty well done – focusing on the fact that drivers need to be careful to avoid more cyclist and pedestrian deaths.

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