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Rob Ford is Famous… Again

Rob Ford is getting another 15 minutes of infamy.

After making more stupid comments (it’s a habit of his) about how he thinks that a cyclist is at fault if they get hit by a car, he’s been featured in very widely read blogs such as BoingBoing and TreeHugger, as well as countless cycling blogs around the internet.

A lot of people have posted links to his contact information, so I will too… he’s an elected official, after all.

I’m personally demanding an apology and for him to announce that bikes are legal vehicles and deserve respect and space on our roadways.

Rob Ford

Phone: 416-397-9255
Fax: 416-397-9238
Constituency Office: 416-233-6934
<!– Councillors Name's website:

–> Ward map

Executive Assistant
Andrew Pask
Administrative Assistant
Amanda Maternicki
  • Anonymous

    Sadly, the best thing to do with Rob Ford is too ignore him. A heart attack or stroke will likely remove him from council before the electorate does. Of course, from the look of him, the cardiovascular event will be completely his fault, but it will be our tax dollars that make sure he receives adequate care.