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Politicians get Foot-in-Mouth Disease

There was a great article in NOW magazine last week about the seemingly gemini-esque features of the Mayor and City Council.

Despite professions of wanting to be a “green” city, cycling in Toronto has been virtually ignored, despite being by far the cheapest mode of transportation to promote (the infrastructure is cheap, no vehicles to buy, etc.) and promotes health among Torontonians:

The city’s bike plan calls for 484 kilometres of bike lanes in a 2,074K overall network, including parks and shared lanes. Currently, there are 68.6K of bike lanes. Last year, 5.6K were “installed”.

A staff report last year made clear the reasons for delay: no funding, no planning staff, no political support. It called for the bike lane budget to be doubled, to $6 million.

Last week, the budget committee recommended and the executive committee signed off on the status quo: $3 million in capital funding. Enough for just over 25 kilometres.

Makes you wonder why the members of the budget committee and the mayor publicly supported a $6 million budget in last year’s election survey by the Toronto Coalition for Active Transport (TCAT).

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