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Bikeracks on New Buses?

So, this afternoon I got curious about if there were indeed going to be bikeracks on all the new buses the TTC is getting, as I posted on BikingToronto back in September 2006:

The great news is that the following three proposals were passed:
1) Adopt as a policy principle that bike racks be included on all buses
and a report be made for putting them on street-cars.
2) All new buses have bike racks.
3) Staff report back on retro-fitting existing buses.

Since I hadn’t heard “boo” (as the kids say) about it, but see that the TTC’s employee newsletter, the Coupler is reporting that the TTC is getting 320 brand-new “low-floor” buses in 2007. These in theory should all have bikeracks… I couldn’t figure out who to contact about it, so I emailed Adam Giambrone, former head of the Toronto Cycling Committee, and now head of the TTC.

I’ll let you know if I hear anything – 320 extra buses with bikeracks will do wonders for “intermodal” transportation in Toronto. Let’s hope it happens.

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