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320 New TTC Buses To Have BikeRacks!

Just following up from my post from yesterday…

I wondered if the 320 new low-floor accessible buses the TTC was scheduled to receive delivery of in 2007 would have bikeracks installed on the front, making it much more practical for Torontonians to combine cycling and the TTC on a trip through the city. When the Rack it and Rocket program was saved back in September 2006, it was expanded so that bikeracks would be standard equipment on all new TTC buses.

Councillor Joe Mihevc, who I cc’d on the email to Adam Giambrone, got back to me first thing this morning with the good news… there will be 320 new buses on Toronto streets this year, and ALL of them will have bikeracks!

Thanks for the quick reply Joe. Cyclists around Toronto will love this news.

  • geoffrey

    Instead of bicycle infrastructure we get bikeracks on buses?

    This is a hint yes? Cyclists can take the bus. Cycle on the streets at your own risk as the city won’t spend on that.

    lovely. Another three years of being treated like speedbumps ..

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