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News About BikeFriday

I’ve been fiddling with the BikeFriday site the past couple of days… to clean up the design and integrate the BikeFriday Blog better. Here’s what it looks like:

I’ve got the blog entries over on the left side, and the schedule for the day on the right.

I’m still trying to come up with a good description for the BikeFriday site – the goal is to get lots of individuals and organizations and businesses doing things that are bike-related for at least that day of every month… but the BikeFriday site is best for marketing everything going on – and hopefully more and more will be going on.

I expect to be posting news to the blog this coming week – I know SmartCommuteNTV (based at YorkU) and the BikeChain (UofT) would like to do things on BikeFriday… but it may not be until March.

Who’s planning on biking to work this Friday? I’ll add your bike-commute to the Group Commute section (it expands when clicked), and perhaps we can get a group of cyclists going your way… :)