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Bike Theft Thursday

Well, a quick check of the Cog’s Lost and Found section, as well as a perusal of the bicycle listings on craigslist, and I can’t find information about any bikes being stolen over the past week.

Is it being naive to think that is actually the case? :)

To fill up some room, I’ll remind you that tomorrow is BikeFriday. If it’s too cold for you to ride (it’s going to be a doozy of a frigid day!), then think about how you can participate on the last Friday in February (the 23rd), or in March (the 30th), and in April (the 27th), etc., etc.

There’s good BikeFriday stuff coming. :) Be patient, my fellow cyclists. We shall fill the streets with cyclists this summer. Make the air cleaner, the streets safer, the cars slower.

Ride Daily, Celebrate Monthly with BikeFriday!

Oh, and check out the first map of the BikingToronto Map section – a map of hydro and rail corridors in the city – perfect places for “BikeWays” all over Toronto.

  • Antony

    Some junkie stole my front wheel yesterday… but what good would posting about it do?

  • J

    That’s a good question Antony. The point of the Cog’s Stolen Bike Listings, and of me posting them on BikingToronto, is to let people know what bikes have been stolen and then hopefully if someone sees a bike matching the description, etc., then maybe the police can actually recover it for the owner.

    It’s the whole “eyes on the street” philosophy to combat crime.