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The Dangerous Roads

All of us who bike Toronto know our roads are dangerous – and it’s because of cars. Drivers going too fast (on some streets, 40 kmh is way too fast for the neighbourhood), not thinking of others, taking unneccessary chances to save a few seconds.

Cyclists are always aware of being almost killed all the time because a driver speeds right by them with inches to spare, all in an effort to save 2 seconds driving to work.

Drivers can do this because they are the bullies of the public roads. In a conflict with a pedestrian or cyclist, they always win.

The recent increase in pedestrian fatalities is all over the news, with reports that pedestrians are now being hit in signalled, lighted crosswalks. I saw this on the news this morning, but of course the “hosts” of a show like Breakfast Television encouraged pedestrians to be careful… not just drivers.

What the hell?

If someone can’t cross the street at a lighted, signalled crosswalk, WITHOUT fearing for their life, there is something VERY wrong with this city. ESPECIALLY when the “news outlets” (fearmongers) admonish pedestrians for thinking that they, taxpayers, may have a right to use the PUBLIC space that our PUBLIC streets are.

Tomorrow’s Weekly Carnage post is going to be huge. It’s depressing.

  • Vic

    Hmmm…doesn’t this blog entry make you part of the fearmongering media? :)

    Maybe I’m just not jaded enough yet, but I still try to put a positive spin on biking in the streets. Overall I feel very safe. As a cyclist and pedestrian, there are many things I can do to improve my own safety, and I try to help others do the same.

    But you’re absolutely right….too much attention is spent on making sure WE watch for cars before crossing the street (et cetera…) and not enough education and enforcement towards the drivers who pull this crap.

    Stay tuned for many news articles over the next few months that blame the “weather” for killing people, rather careless and inattentive drivers.

  • Joe (BikingToronto)

    Vic… you know I love mongering fear more than anything else. :)

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