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Election Round-Up

Quick notes from yesterday’s election:

Miller won. That’s good, considering Pitfield said she liked cycling yet drove her SUV to City Hall every day.

Gord Perks won in Ward 14 (Parkdale-HighPark). He’s very environmental and very pro-transit.

Joe Mihevc won in Ward 21 (St. Paul’s). This should put to rest any notion that that area is against the St. Clair streetcar row, as Mihevc had very organized groups rallying against him, yet won with 57% of the popular vote. Let’s hope the ROW is very successful so ROW streetcar lines can be added throughout the city.

Case Ootes won by only 20 votes in Ward 29 (Toronto-Danforth) over Diane Alexopoulos. Can we get a re-count?

You can probably find a ton of great info over on Spacing Votes or on major news sites.

  • Anonymous

    Dave Meslin says his sites http://www.tpsc.ca http://www.whorunsthistown.ca and http://www.cityidol.to are going make him a kingmaker in local politics.

    If anything Dave who used to work in NDP MPP Marilyn Churley’s constituency office has only managed to help fringe candidates undermine the chances of well known and well respected NDP candidates like Alejandra Bravo, Paul Ferreira and Greg Hamara from having any chance to unseat incumbent city councillors.

    Way to go Dave!

  • dave meslin

    it’s sad when blogs are used to post comments that are uninfomed and/or intentionally misleading. It gives a bad name to all independant and democractic media.

    First, I don’t believe I’ve ever claimed to be a “kingmaker”. My projects were designed to get more people involed with the election, and it worked.

    Second, I’m not sure how I could possibly have had any effect on Paul, Alejandra or Greg’s chances of winning. It’s a ridiculous statement.

    Third, the real reason that these candidates lost is because of our archaic voting system. Palacio, Nunziata and Saundercook all recieved less than 50% of the vote. Alejandra would have one with an instant run-off. http://www.whorunsthistown.to is the only voice I can see calling for electoral reform to eliminate vote-splitting. Where’s the municpal NDP on this? Nowhere, as usual.

    Fourth: Alejandra, Greg and Paul have to wait four years to run again, instead of three. You can blame NDP Mayor David Miller who publicly supported the reduction of elections, along with most of his NDP caucus.

    Lastly, if you’re going to criticise someone with false information, at least have the guts to identify yourself.