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Riding in the Rain: 22 Degrees in October

Who else rode in the wonderful refreshing rain this morning?

When Tracy and I got out of bed around 6:45-ish, it was rainly lightly with thunderstorms threatening – and Tracy made me promise to not ride to work in the thunder and lightning.

I had to keep my promise… and yet… the weather forecasters were calling for sunshine and 22 degrees for this afternoon (and were right!), so I couldn’t TTC it to work, because riding a streetcar in that kind of weather when you could be biking is pure torture. Torture that you pay $2.75 for.

Therefore, I waited until the angels had finished bowling and the bolts of electricity had stopped charging around the sky, and biked in through a refreshing downpour (which was both light and heavy at times, and at times non-existent over my 25 minute commute).

Now I’ll get to bike home, in October, in beautiful weather – ecstatic that I can do it in shorts and a t-shirt, and a little disappointed that it may be the last time until May.

  • Tanya

    Have cyclists been hit by lightning before? This is something I am curious about, wondering if the bike makes a good conductor or not. Usually I don’t worry in the city if there’s a thunderstorm – lots of high buildings and everything. But when riding in the countryside and I saw lightning I was more concerned. (but still not sure my fears have any basis)

  • Joe (BikingToronto)

    I haven’t heard of lightning hitting a cyclist, but I’m sure it’s happened… I wouldn’t be worried anywhere on my commute, except on the Gerrard Bridge going over the Don, where there is a lot of open space.

  • Vic

    Here’s one of the coolest anecdotes I’ve ever read about cycling during a storm: http://search.bikelist.org/getmsg.asp?Filename=touring.10508.0468.eml

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a cyclist actually being hit by lighning, but apparently the LAB have recommendations about it, etc. The topic has come up several times on the Bike Touring mailing list (see phred.org).

    Today was an awesome cycling day (most days are!). The lightning had already passed by the time I left for work around 8:30, and the rain was very light. Shorts, powerdry t-shit, and rain jacket….I still arrived at work relatively dry, except for sweat. Riding home in shorts and t-shirt was great fun too. I should have taken the “long way” home today. Ohwell. Looks like plenty of good weather over the next few days anyway.


  • Tuco

    I’ve been in all the rainstorms recently, so I assume I was in this one too. Didn’t get hit by lightning though.
    Lee Trevino (pga golfer) was hit several times by lightning. He joked that if you get caught in a lightning storm, hold up a 2-iron, because even God can’t hit a 2-iron.