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Biking Toronto’s Top Ten Posts from September

Well, I meant to post this back in early October… I guess time got away from me. :)

Here are the Top Ten viewed posts from September:

Suburban Cycling Infrastructure in Aurora (Part 1 of 2)
I show photos of bikepaths beside Bayview Avenue in Aurora, and the missed opportunity of having a cool GTA-wide bike path network utilizing hydro corridors.

Suburban Cycling Infrastructure in Aurora (Part 2 of 2)
I show pictures and talk about unused bikelanes on empty streets in an Aurora subdivision that is cut off from everything else in Aurora by six-lane “arterial” roads that aren’t condusive to cycling at all.

Globe & Mail – Commuting on two wheels and a prayer
Darren and Andrew are featured in a Globe & Mail article about biking in the ‘burbs. You’ll need a “Globe Insider” account to read the full article, because the Globe likes to screw with people who want to read their content. Go figure.

4 Weeks Until BikeFriday
A post about what I was trying to get going for September’s BikeFriday.

A Few More Smelly Photos
Some photos from the Smells of Toronto Ride that Herb of the Cycling Cog organized. It was a smell-o-tastic evening!

More Bike Racks on Buses!!!
There was a chance that the Rack it & Rocket program would be discontinued, but the TTC voted to not only continue it, but add bikeracks to all new buses!

Another Cyclist Killed
A cyclist killed at Leslie & Eglinton by a cement truck.

3 Weeks Until BikeFriday
Another promo post for BikeFriday. :) Updating the Group Commute news, and what politicians are doing.

Biking Toronto’s Top Ten Posts from August
Things like the Quay to the City bikepath photos and the whole bikeposts vs. lumber thing were popular, among others.

The Star – Machiavellian Cyclists
Kenneth Kidd includes the promotion of cycling as part of his 10 Point Transit Blueprint, saying that “we have to be a little Machiavellian here: you encourage cyclists because they make automobile travel even more inconvenient. Anybody who has ever driven on a downtown street during rush hour knows the platelet effect that bicycles have on the flow of traffic.” Apparently, he’s not yet realized that more cyclists on the roads will ease traffic, since you can fit 6-8 bike commuters in the space one person in a car takes up (this includes the space between it and the car behind it), but somewhat redeems himself by saying “we need to build bicycle parking lots all over the city core and give them pride of place. It does, after all, visibly speak to options other than cars.

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