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All I Need Now Is A Chainsaw…

Yeah, this is what I wore in to work, minus the toque but with a bike helmet.

I got perplexed stares from drivers and pedestrians but my fellow cyclists loved it. A few asked me wear my chainsaw was, and I visibly freaked one out when I did a shoulder check while she was following me. She laughed about it when we stopped at the next red light.

Did anyone else dress up today?

  • Vic

    I dressed up as an overheated cyclist.

    I didn’t get around to putting together a costume. But I have Lindt Halloween chocolates at my desk, so any of you cyclists who happen to be around “downtown” Mississauga can come by for one. :-)

    Last year I had fun riding from work down to Critical Mass dressed as a zombie with a jackolantern on my bike. I shoulda at least done the jack this year. Ohwell.

    I like your mask…maybe cyclists should wear them more often. ;-) I also like your “Department of Redundancy Department” sign.

  • Anonymous

    I went to CM as the starship enterprise on friday, but I did not wear anything special today.