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More Bike Racks on Buses!!!

A fine Torontonian named Colin Biggin was at the TTC meeting about bike racks on buses last night, and his email report eventually made his way to my inbox. He has graciously allowed me to quote it in it’s entirety (almost).

Thanks Colin!

– – – – –

I just got back from the TTC meeting where myself (and one other) made a
deputation concerning the Bike Rack Report.

The good news is that most of the councillors were able to look beyond
the narrow time-line the pilot project was given and realize that this
has to happen and “build it and they will come“.

The great news is that the following three proposals were passed:

1) Adopt as a policy principle that bike racks be included on all buses
and a report be made for putting them on street-cars.

2) All new buses have bike racks.

3) Staff report back on retro-fitting existing buses.

Additionally, Chairman Moscoe requested that the Marlee bus route have
bike racks put on immediately.

Special mention should be given to Councilor Joe Mihevc who made the
proposals and really made a strong case for the adoption of the bike
racks. Additionally, Councilor DeBaeremaker and Councilor Giambrone (of
course) came out strongly in favour with Chairman Howard Moscoe weighing
on the side of the good guys as well.

The one sour note was Councilor Peter Li Preti (Ward 8, York West) who
said he would vote against it (although he left the room when the vote
took place). In fairness to him, he seems to be a “bottom-line”
councilor who just looked at the cost and the ridership and didn’t think
it justified any more money. I didn’t get the sense he was anti-cycling.

  • Andrew

    Good news. I’m hoping that the southbound Bathurst bus will have a rack on Sunday morning, or else I’ll be riding close to a ‘real’ century for the joy ride ;)

  • nk

    I have a bad story about those racks. I was on a high-speed bus in Vancouver, going quite a distance, and I thought it would be safe to put my 17 lb. track bike on the rack. Shockingly, when I arrived at my destination 45 minutes later, my bike was on a 45 degree angle, and the security loop over the front tire had detached. Never again will I use those racks. They are a great idea in principle, but I would never risk having my baby get run over by a tractor-trailer.

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