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The Grand Opening of Quay to the City

I woke up far too early for a Saturday and made my way down to Queens Quay and York for the opening of Quay to the City.

There were tons of cyclists using the new facilities, and every comment I heard was overwhelmingly positive.

Here’s a few photos I took to update the “in progress” ones from yesterday:

Quay to the City, Aug. 11-20, 2006
Here’s some of us congregating at the Bike Arch before the official opening.

Quay to the City, Aug. 11-20, 2006
…and here we are riding it, all official-like.

Quay to the City, Aug. 11-20, 2006
It was a beautiful morning for biking a newly car-free area!

Quay to the City, Aug. 11-20, 2006
I didn’t see anyone on the grass the whole time… looks like a good place to set up lawn chairs and watch the city go cycling by.

I took 19 photos in all, and you can look at them all, if that cranks your chain. ;)

  • sweetpea

    The sad thing is however that while you were riding on this wonderful new bike path, I was coming back from north of the city, along that wonderful new section of the Goodman Trail DODGING CARS that they decided to allow ONTO the trail to park on the grass for the boat races. I’m not quite sure how long they expect that new ashphalt and sod to last if they make that a habit. Colour me unimpressed.

  • Joe (BikingToronto)

    Well, that SUCKS. It’s a shame to hear that that was happening.

  • Snakebite

    That did crank my chain. Looks like fun. You live in a wonderful city and it’s been too long since I’ve been there.

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