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Sunday – Dirty Hippy Enviro Post

One of my earlier posts on BikingToronto talked about how people who bike a lot seem to become “Accidental Environmentalists“.

Perhaps I’m a bit biased, because I’m interested in environmental stuff, but there seems to be a lot more green news in the media these days. One Toronto blogger great at distilling all the info is Gary over on PukeGreen.com.

Since I can’t ignore environmental issues, and want other people to be exposed to it to, I’ll try and do occasional “Dirty Hippy Enviro Posts” here, so I can share, but keep this website about biking this great green city of Toronto.

Tax Breaks for Oil Firms to Continue. Have any doubt about Stephen Harper’s commitment to the environment? Although the Canadian Oil industry made $27 BILLION after taxes in 2005 (source: Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers), Harper is still insisting on giving them a 1.4 BILLION tax break.

Road Energy Systems from Scotland’s Invisible Heating. Urban centers are infamous for the Heat Island Effect… what if all this solar energy soaking into all of our roads and parking lots was harnessed?

Scientists in cloud over mistier Niagara Falls. Some say it’s the warming waters that is creating more mist when mixing with cooler air, others say it’s that all the tall hotel and casino construction next to the Falls is altering wind patterns.