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Photos of New Pedestrian and Cyclist Friendly Queens Quay

Through a bit of investigative work on my part (searching Flickr), I have found some great photos from PeterHud of the Quay to the City installation running from today to August 20th, as a trail run for a more permanent installation next summer.

The first 3 photos are of the new grassed-over and people-friendly south half of Queens Quay, and the 4th is of the giant bike sculpture being built.

Is it just me or does it look like this is the way Queens Quay should’ve been right from the start? Two lanes for cars, two lanes for transit, two lanes for people.

(I wrote the above before biking home, and I went home via Queens Quay, and the new lanes are AMAZING. It’s a dream come true for cyclists on the waterfront.)

I hope this is very successful and not only becomes permanent on Queens Quay, but on a lot of other Toronto streets as well.

I’ll take photos tomorrow at the Grand Opening (9 am at York & Queens Quay). Come on out and bike the new lanes!