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Crashing the BikeFriday Photoshoot

I met with a very nice Star photographer named Charla (Sharla?) this morning and spent 30 minutes biking around Bay & King Streets while she took what seemed like hundreds of photos of me (whenever I rode by her I heard the shutter noise constantly) for an article on BikeFriday planned for Thursday’s GTA section.

I should’ve taken my camera to get shots of her shooting me. It was kind of cool.

What wasn’t caught on film, though (I don’t think…) was that I came the closest I have to “winning the door prize”.

I had passed Charla going southbound at Bay towards Wellington (Charla was facing north on the side of the road), and a cab had stopped in the line at the red light, 3 cars back. It wasn’t pulled over to the side or anything, and there was plenty of room between the cab and the curb, so I went up the right.

I was very lucky I was just coasting along, because one of the 4 (!) passengers threw open their door suddenly and I braked quickly (almost without thinking… instincts rock!), coming to a stop just as I would’ve hit the door.

After the passenger apologized and I asked him good-naturedly to check for cyclists next time, we both merrily went on our way.

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