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Bikepost Update – City to beef up bike stands

A story appeared in the Globe & Mail this morning (click the link soon, as the Globe only has free access for a few days) about the city’s plans to beef up the 16,000 “lollipops” around the city (after the recent revelations that a 2×4 peice of wood and lots of pressure could break them) by adding a second ring and bigger, stronger bolts, proven to be less susceptable to peices of wood.

Thankfully, it looks like the city will “just do it” instead of going through a lot of red tape. It’ll cost about $800,000 (about $50 per post):

Mr. Welsh said he won’t wait for council’s approval as he believes the matter is urgent and that the money for the modifications can be found in his existing capital budget. “We’ll just do it.”

Martino’s got great photos up of the proposed solution!