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Bike Theft in the Toronto Star

Betsy Powell (the Star’s Crime Reporter) has a pretty good article on the front page of the Star today about bike theft, prompted by her Trek being stolen yesterday from in front of Police Headquarters at 40 College St.

…Toronto is a mecca for bike theft, with some 3,971 stolen last year — and that’s just the number reported to police.

…It’s too soon to say if bike thefts are up or down this year over last, but at least one party with a vested interest — a U.S.-based bicycle lock manufacturer — predicted the summer of 2006 has the potential to set a record number of thefts due to more people riding their bicycles because of rising gas prices.

…Anecdotally, as a cyclist who commutes to work and rides all over town — sometimes to crime scenes — the streets sure seem filled with more people who find that pushing pedals is the better way.

…as any big-city cyclist will tell you, the only place a bike is truly secure is between your legs because most locks can be foiled.

I thought I’d email Betsy and let her know about the “Lost and Found” section of the Cycling Cog, where people can list what was stolen, and where.. allowing others to keep an eye out for it.

She’s replied to me, and if the Star’s editors let her, she’ll do a follow-up story on this. It will be great to get some exposure for the Cog’s Lost and Found.

While the Cog’s Lost and Found may not get every stolen bike recovered, if enough people know about what bikes have been stolen in a particular area they can be on the look-out for them… and then there can be some hope created that a stolen bike may be found.