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Cycling and Transit Working Group

The Cycling and Transit Working Group of the Toronto Cycling Committee meets tomorrow night at City Hall.

Wednesday, July 11, 2006
6:30 p.m.
Committee Room 4, Toronto City Hall
100 Queen St. West.

Committee Meetings are open to the public.

More about the Cycling and Transit Working Group, from the City website:

The Cycling and Transit Working Group provides input to staff and makes recommendations to the Toronto Cycling Committee on the design, development and delivery of policies and programs to encourage the integration of cycling and transit, enhancing multi-modal transportation. The main objectives of the group include working to improve bicycle accommodation on transit vehicles, bicycle parking facilities at transit stations and bicycle access to transit stations.

Activities of the group to date include working with the TTC to make the bike rack on bus pilot project a reality, recommending suitable bus routes and participating in the evaluation and community outreach activities for the project.

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