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Bikeway Network Subcommittee Meeting

The Bikeway Network Subcommittee of the Toronto Cycling Committee meets tomorrow night at City Hall.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006
7:00 p.m.
Committee Room 3, City Hall
100 Queen St. West.

Committee Meetings are open to the public.

More about the Bikeway Network Subcommittee from the City website.

I can’t find the Bikeway Network Subcommittee Agendas or Minutes (from the last meeting) online (although I’m sure they are there somewhere…), but here’s the Bikeway Network stuff from the latest set of Cycling Committee Minutes that are online (PDF from May 15th):

The Toronto Cycling Committee considered the Bikeway Network Subcommittee minutes dated April 26, 2006 and providing the following recommendations for consideration:

That the Toronto Cycling Committee request staff to encourage the creation of ward-specific BUGs by:
(i) using the Cyclometer mailing list to forward announcements of BUG meetings in specific wards to list members in that ward; and
(ii) reporting back to the TCC on a formal process to establish ward-based bugs.

Ward-specific BUGs sound pretty sweet. It’s a great idea, and may do a lot of good for encouraging community amongst cyclists in different parts of the city.