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Sharrows On Every Road?

The City of Toronto’s Cycling Pages used to say (I can’t find it now) that “every street is a cycling street” or something similar, and I was reminded of this reading the comments on the Marlee post below that mention sharrows.

Sharrows, costing only a bit of paint, put onto the curb lane of every major road in Toronto (at least the 99% without bikelanes…) would be a significant move on the part of the City to encourage cycling:

Unlike bike lanes, sharrows do not create a separate bike lane, rather they are supposed to promote the awareness that the right lane is a shared traffic lane to be used by both motorists and cyclists. Many cyclists don’t even realize that they have a right to the use of the entire right lane if road conditions warrant that it is necessary to do so in order to avoid road hazards.

This would be a major, economical step towards the fulfillment of the Promotional Goals of the Toronto Bike Plan. Specifically, it would “encourage cycling for everyday transportation ” and “market Toronto as a cycling tourist destination.

Those in the cycling community who worry about the “bikelane ghetto” effect (worries that bikelanes will eventually become the only place people can ride…) of painted bikelanes may even like them, too!

(Sharrow Photo courtesy of BikePortland.org)