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New Bike Facilities On Marlee?

There’s a small article in the North Toronto Town Crier today about a new Bike Lane/Route on Marlee between Roselawn and Lawrence.

I can’t find anything about it on the City’s Cycling Page or on BikeToronto, which is the best resource for bike facility news in the city, so I don’t know how accurate the article is… but it does quote the city councillor for the area, Howard Moscoe, who is also the chairman of the TTC.

It’s a confusing article, because it says contradictory things, such as if there will be bikelane markings or not (it says no, and then yes in the next paragraph), and the starting and stopping points are either Lawrence Ave. or Del Park (a few streets south of Lawrence) at the north end, and either Roselawn or Stayner Avenues in the south.

Hopefully things will get clarified soon.

  • Tanya

    I used to use Marlee often while biking to my previous job as a route between Eglinton and Lawrence. Its a two lane road but each lane is about a double car width wide. Very comfortable to ride without a bike lane, although I suspect they would be doing it to use the bike lane as a speed hump for motorists that may zoom given the generous lanes. I hope they fix the pavement though while putting a bike lane in – the first several feet closest to the curb were always a mess.

  • Darren J

    I agree the article isn’t so clear. I cringed when I read this:
    “Though there won’t be any road markings designating the route, signs will be put up to indicate part of the road is now for bike use.”

    So it’s the same as every other road.

    That said, more signs around town to remind drivers that cyclists deserve some of the street wouldn’t hurt.

    It’s interesting also that this road isn’t marked for anything special in The Bike Plan. The designated route is east of the Allen.

  • joe

    Exactly, Darren, and then the very next paragraph says “The plan is to have bike route markings on both sides of Marlee between Del Park and Stayner Aves“.

    It’ll be interesting to see what actually happens.

  • Anonymous

    “Bike route markings” sounds quite vague. It could be the bike information system: the blue square signs with a bike and a number. Or maybe it will be the new system they were discussing last year of having a bike symbol painted on the road with chevrons.

    Usually when they resurface a street is when they will consider putting in other markings. As far as I know they are doing construction on Marlee so perhaps they will restripe the entire route to include bike lanes.


  • Vic

    “Technically, the route isn’t an official lane because it’s not wide enough.”

    To me, this sounds like they are putting in an edge stripe. Looks like a bike lane, but less than bike lane width.

    Spadina has an edge stripe (very narrow one). The bike lane on Royal York that got compromised down to edge stripe size cause alot of controversy last year…

    In my opinion, these “edge stripe” ideas are counter-productive, as they encourage people to ride too close to the edge of the road. I’d rather have no bike lane than a mini bike lane.

    I like the idea of “sharrows” that Herb mentioned. These markings visually tell motorists to expect bicycles, and if they are properly installed they should clue in the less experienced cyclists as to their proper road positioning.

  • joe

    Yeah, Spadina’s is a joke. Haven’t been to Royal York yet, personally.

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