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Critical Mass Makes Me Drool

Great news once again… tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this) is the last Friday of the month, which means it’s time for the longest running (?), most popular, and internationally celebrated group ride in the world!

Thanks to Martino for the graphic!
I wonder if this is him as a child? ;)

Friday, May 26th
Bloor & Spadina
Meet at 6:00, Ride at 6:30

Tomorrow is “Stag Night” for me, so I have to miss Critical Mass this month (which I’m kind of bummed about), but I expect to see lots of photos, and atleast 300 people there. We’ll go for 500 at the end of June.

  • Martino

    Bring the stag to Mass!!!

  • Martino


    Either way, have a great time.

  • joe

    Hahaha. Thanks Tino. I’m the only cyclist, and we’ll be in the Dome watching the Jays and then drinking afterwards.

  • Queer As Moi

    I went to Crit Mass and it was awesome! I have some feedback though – I think there should be an endpoint instead of just slowly tapering off. Every month Vancouver’s huge Critical Mass ride ends in some sort of party organized by a bike-related group, where the riders donate $5 or so a pop and the money goes to some worthy local charity.

    In terms of an ending for CM Toronto, finding a party venue is beyond my means… but I thought up the idea – why not end the June Critical Mass with a picnic/party on the Beach? Ashbridges Bay perhaps. Or something else if bylaws don’t permit. It would be awesome if you could post this up and solicit comments, so that something could be roughly planned in time for next CM.