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Bikes And Forces Of Nature

There’s a city auction going on this weekend (Saturday) down at Queen Elizabeth Exhibit Hall at the CNE, and bikes are listed as some of the items up for sale (probably at excellent prices)!

If you’re looking for a bike for yourself or a loved one (or maybe that wacky neighbour who complains about gas prices but drives a Hummer 2 miles to work everyday), maybe go check it out and find a deal.

I was also going to suggest picking up some cheap bikes for Bikeshare, but they aren’t taking donations right now (I suspect that they don’t have the resources to keep new bikes in good working order?), so maybe, if you’re interested, look into one of the many charities donating bikes to Hurricane Katrina survivors.

Speaking of New Orleans / Katrina and bikes, there’s a really cool article in the March/April 2006 Issue of Mother Jones about Volunteer Bike Medics riding into New Orleans neighbourhoods… offering first aid, testing for diabetes, etc:

“It was just about the noblest thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life,” recalls Malik Rahim, a lifelong Algiers resident, local housing activist and former Black Panther Party member who helped arrange space for the medical workers in a local mosque. ”It was the street medics who really stopped this city from exploding into a race war, because they were white and were serving the black community at a time when blacks were fed up. Those are the real heroes of this thing.”

It reminds me of the Courier Disaster Response Team of San Francisco, a bike messenger group focused on being able to deploy and offer first aid quickly in the event of an emergency.

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