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Gas Price Schadenfreude

Wow. One of the joys of being car-free is when gas prices go up and you know that your simple, environmentally friendly, and fun way of getting around will cost just the same as it usually does – virtually nothing.

Apparently, this time around (as opposed to when hurricanes last August and September crippled Gulf of Mexico oil production), people are actually saying the proverbial oh crap… and realizing that prices may not come down any time soon (especially if hurricanes hit the Gulf of Mexico again this year.

As much joy in this situation I take in this as a non-driver, it is sobering to note that because our city and country and continent are so fixated on oil consumption – as gas prices go up, people will spend more on their cars and less on other things – creating an economic slowdown, which isn’t good for any of us. Of course, if gas prices rise, slowly but surely, it’ll give people a chance to make their lifestyles more sustainable… moving closer to where they work so they can drive less – buying locally, etc.

My schadenfreude is still present though – basing one’s life around oil (whether they know it or not) is like planning on living your life with a limited amount of water. You drink as much as you want as long as you want and then are surprised when you’re dying of thirst when the water is gone.

It’s a little crazy.

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