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Critical Mass Toronto Photos

There are some fantastic photos from Friday’s ride on Martino’s site, and on Flickr by Steeker! I’m the guy in blue with the blue helmet.

I really like the large version of that last photo. At first I looked at it and noticed that you can see 13 cyclists clearly, and that they took up very little space compared to the 13 cars behind them (there are a couple cars with more than one passenger, but most of them are “single occupant vehicles”).

The other dramatic difference, though, is what the two groups of people are doing while stuck in traffic. The cyclists are talking to eachother… asking about plans for the weekend, etc. The drivers are just sitting there… cut off from eachother, seperated by metal and glass and space.

The drivers are all alone in a crowd.

  • nk

    That last photo is mint. I love it, too.

    Again, I didn’t see you. I’m the guy with the obnoxiously bright orange hat and red bag combo.

    Unfortunately, I probably won’t see you for a while, as I am moving out to Vancouver in July, and will miss the May and June masses.


  • joe

    I’m the guy in blue here. Also, I’m the guy on the far right of the last photo above… Vic is just out of frame to the right beside me.

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