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Critical Mass Toronto – April 2006

Fantastic Critical Mass last night. Martino made a video of it. Tons of people came out… almost 150!

That’s me roughly in the middle, talking to Vic to my left and Jun (nice to meet you, Jun!) to my right.

I also saw Tanya, looked for Herb (didn’t find him), and Steeker was there somewhere too!

Derek Chadbourne (a City Idol candidate) rode with us, and Vic and I saw Hamish Wilson and Margaret outside the Music Hall!

I also thought I saw Lori & Kevin at the beginning of the ride. Turns out it was just two people who looked like them, named Evo & Timothy. I introduced myself anyways. :)

Last Friday in May (the 26th), we’re doing it again! Come out and have fun with us!

  • Steeker

    Hi well maybe I did say hi but I waas busy taking pictures and running to the back and up to the front again the whole ride:D and saw to many red and black bikes :P

  • joe

    I was looking for ya, … I should’ve said more about what I was wearing (bright blue windbreaker). Maybe next time. :)

  • joe

    ps. if you post your pics somewhere, I’ll have a look through them for myself. :)

  • Steeker

    here is a link to some CM pic’s http://www.flickr.com/photos/steeker/

  • Anonymous

    Hey Joe, you didn’t see me because I couldn’t make it! It was a big shame but I was suddenly swamped with getting prepared for a CAN-Bike course I was teaching on Saturday with 13 students and 3 instructors. I guess my procrastinating did me in. I’ll certainly be there for May!


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