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I’ve been talking recently about an initiative I’ve been working on with the Ontario Chapter of the Sierra Club called the Metropass Affinity Program.

Today, I’m able to tell you that there’s more than just “sustainability” in common between “TTCing Toronto” and “Biking Toronto” and that’s because today MAP added The Bike Joint as one of the stores in Toronto who will give a discount to anyone that shows a Metropass.

If you bike Toronto, making a metropass impractical, borrow one from a friend (they’re transferable!) when visiting The Bike Joint… they’ll give you a 10% discount of whatever you buy or have done, and you can grab a MAP business card (which will be in all MAP stores) from their counter.

  • Steeker

    The BIKE JOINT is great ! the owner rides almost every Critical Mass lot’s of fun and he is a Great wrencher too :D

  • joe

    Agreed. I met Derek (and Glen) and they’re both great!

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