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Spring Ahead…

Sorry for the lapse in posting. Visiting friends and wedding invitations have taken up a lot of time and created high levels of napping urgency in me. Haha.

What’s New?

DarrenJ has just posted a great example of the influential nature of cycling… that people seeing you out there on your bike will inspire others to do the same.

Martino recently announced the opening of a new BikeShop at 349 Harbord (at Crawford) called The Bike Clinic

Darren Stehr posted this morning about an upcoming presentation on March 29 at 6:30 pm (Intersection – Community Bicycle Network – Suite 101, 761 Queen St W ) with an insurance professional about Ontario’s insurance legislation as it effects cyclists:

Should you insure your bicycle? Who’s insurance insurance company would you deal with if you were injured in a collision with a motor vehicle? What does “no fault” insurance mean and how does it apply to cyclists?

As for me, I had my local Bike Shop overhaul my crappy Canadian Tire Raleigh mountain bike to replace all the parts I essentially killed last summer and this past winter commuting to work, plus he gave it a good cleaning, taking the whole thing apart.

Yeah, I know that mountain bikes aren’t good for commuting (I’m thinking of getting some road tires this year), and I’m obviously not a “gear-head” buying it at Crappy Tire, but I’m probably like most cyclists in my philosophy that if it gets me from A to B, and it works smoothly, I’m happy. The Beater Bike Philosophy, I guess?

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