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More Interesting Links

I posted some Toronto-centric links earlier today, so I thought I’d share some more general ones that I found elsewhere.

Okay, the first one isn’t really a “find” as it is a heads-up that the Globe and Mail finally published the piece I was interviewed for about a month ago. It’s called Plastic Fantastic and is about the Metropass Affinity Program. I come off looking rather well. I obviously have them fooled… haha.

Jill of Up In Alaska posted a fantastic entry about a week ago about how cyclists are like dogs Highly recommended if you haven’t already seen it. I’m a Labrador Retriever:

Commuters are the Labrador retrievers of the pack. Throw them a good bicycle route, and they’ll keep coming back. They love a good game of “catch”- that is, sprinting to catch green lights. They’re highly sociable, largely domesticated and don’t mind being leashed to the same roads day after day.

What kind are you?

A recent find of mine has been Commute By Bike, who recently published Top Ten Reasons NOT to Commute by Bike. It’s pretty funny stuff. I like #3 a lot: You’ll lose weight and new clothes are too darn expensive!