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Car Free Friday!

It’s Friday (one week until Critical Mass on the 31st!), so let’s get the weekend started right with some good ol’ fashioned talk about how automobile dependence is not the “Best Decision Ever” by western society.

It took me a while, but finally got around to reading some stories from Sydney, Australia (which isn’t really western society, but close enough, eh?). The first is Cycling is a healthy way to break the iron grip of the car which responds (with examples) to a brainfart of an article by a guy named Michael Duffy who thinks that cyclists are purely a nuisance, not fit for acceptable transportation:

As a mainstream form of transport, the bicycle has proved itself the equivalent of communism: a lovely idea that failed dismally in practice. Bikes are dangerous to ride and slow traffic, which creates more pollution. For the good of all of us, we need to ban the bike.

I guess nothing intelligent should be expected from a guy who praises McMansions because they promote a Stepford-like clone culture.

There is always tons of great stuff coming out from New York too. Despite a hostile police force, an indifferent mayor, and some of the harshest urban drivers in the world, the bike culture is so strong that the New York Daily News (which looks like a pseudo-tabloid akin to the Toronto Sun) can publish a piece called “N.Y.C. is Too Good to Car Drivers:

The majority of us get around without cars. Why should we have to cede them valuable street space? Why can’t we have wider sidewalks and smoother sailing for our buses? The rationale has always been that drivers keep our economy afloat. But a new Transportation Alternatives study shows only 6% of shopping trips in Manhattan are made by car.

Hope you’re all doing well. If you’re thinking of coming out to Critical Mass next friday (leaves from Bloor & Spadina at 6:30 – get there before that…) as a repeat or a first-timer, send me an email at bikingtoronto[removespamblocker]yahoo.com, and we can arrange to meet up. Critical Mass is lots of fun, and the weather is getting warmer, so there should be more riders out this month.

And yes, I think every Friday should be Car Free Friday.

  • Steeker

    I booked Friday off for the Critical Mass ride and so far my back has held up with no down time on my bike, I’ll be there hopefully.

  • Anonymous

    Hart warming

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