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CAN-BIKE Cycling Courses

canbikeIf you are looking for courses to help you learn all the rules about biking, and strategies to cycle safely, then CAN-BIKE are the courses for you.

View the CAN-BIKE page on the City’s website, or go directly to the course schedule for 2010 (PDF).

Here’s a run-down of what each course covers:

Kids CAN-BIKE — In class and on-bike instruction teaches rules of the road, right and left turns, changing gears and identifying/avoiding potential hazards. Kids learn to ride safely on residential streets. Must already know how to ride a bike.

CAN-BIKE 1 — Improve your confidence cycling on bike paths and residential streets. Learn traffic theory and ride with a group in low traffic neighbourhoods.

CAN-BIKE 2 — Advance your skills with other bicycle commuters and recreational riders who already ride in traffic. Course includes Highway Traffic Act sessions, bike-handing skills, classroom discussion and lots of riding in challenging conditions. CAN-BIKE 1 is not a prerequisite, but this is an advanced course so you must have experience riding on arterial (major) roads.

Teens CAN-BIKE — Explore Toronto on your bike! Discuss traffic theory, learn collision-avoidance techniques, and lead your group on a challenging neighbourhood ride. Excellent pre-driver education training. You must already be able to ride a bike.

Adult Learn to Ride 1 — For first-time riders. Learn to balance, start, stop and turn.

Adult Learn to Ride 2 — Improve bike-handling skills, including balancing, turning and changing gears with confidence.

Cycling Freedom for Women — CAN-BIKE 1 level course that addresses specific concerns, such as riding at night, riding with children and other topics of interest to women.

CAN-BIKE Instructor Workshops — Open to CAN-BIKE 2 graduates with recommendation from their instructor. Increase cycling skills, learn effective teaching techniques, course planning and risk management. To pre-register call 416-392-1311.

Commuter Cycling Skills — Advanced one day course geared towards commuter cyclists who already have experience riding in traffic on arterial (major) roads. The course will cover the Highway Traffic Act, as it applies to cyclists, making good decisions in traffic, bike   handling skills and collision avoidance techniques, safety tips and strategies for dealing with challenging on-road situations.

CAN-BIKE Safety Workshop — Learn new information on road safety from a cycling perspective that will expand your cycling skills and knowledge. The workshop covers the Highway Traffic Act, as it applies to cyclists, making good decisions in traffic, strategies for riding safely in a variety of road configurations, recognizing and avoiding hazzards. Classroom only.

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