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Video: The Bus Bike Rack Rap

You may have enjoyed our earlier video of how to use the TTC Bus Bikeracks, and if you thought “hey, I need a version of this video that has catchy music”, then you are in luck, because the Transit Authority of River City (Louisville, KY) has done it for you.

They have the same kind of bus bikeracks as the TTC. :)

“Bring it down, pull the bar, put it on, put it on, take it off, put it up, then you’re done, then you’re dooooooone!!!!”

Thanks to Tammy Thorne of Dandyhorse for the link.

How To Use TTC Bus BikeRacks

Want to bike to work but think it’s a little too far to go?

The good news is that many many TTC buses now have bikeracks on the front (within a few years, 100% of TTC buses will have bikeracks on them!).  They are very easy to use (yet very secure) and allow you to extend your bike-commuting “range” a ton!

Pop your bike on a bus bikerack and get a ride to closer to your job – where you can then pop your bike off and ride the rest of the way. :)

Here’s a how-to video for you! :)