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Send an email to the city anyway

URGENT Call for Action: Bike Lanes on John Street! Send the City an email before Thursday, July 1

Want more bike lanes in the downtown core? Wish the St George/Beverly Lane connected to a safe route for travels further south than Queen? Then send the city an email TODAY (or at least before Thursday)!!!

Here is some background info on the issue. For more information, see the full blog post on the Mez Dispenser.

“The longest uninterrupted north-south bike lane in central Toronto is ‘Route 35‘, which travels along Beverly, St George & Poplar Plains all the way from St Clair down to Queen Street.  At Queen it comes to a dead-end, feeding into a black hole of car-priority streets with no bike infrastructure anywhere nearby.  Ten years ago, City Council approved the Toronto Bike Plan, which includes north-south bike lanes on Spadina & Peter, and physically separated bike lanes on Richmond & Adelaide.  Ten years later, including seven years under Mayor Miller, we still have no bike lanes in that area. Now, to make things worse, the City is planning to re-design John Street and it looks like bike safety is not part of the equation”

*sorry michelle

Posted: June 30th, 2010
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One Comment on “Send an email to the city anyway”

  1. 1 Kevin said at 3:15 pm on July 9th, 2010:

    As I noted in a post over at Spacing.

    John Street is a poor choice for bike lanes ( I say this as a cyclist, and as someone supportive of a host of bike lanes, Bloor-Danforth included).

    John St is not a busy thoroughfare, where cyclists feel unsafe due to 6 lanes of traffic, super high volumes of traffic or 70km/ph cars.

    Rather its a low-volume, slow moving road, that is already fairly bike friendly.

    The project proposed for John, by Toronto’s pedestrian community was to give this street’s biggest user group (walkers) more space, and to beautify the public realm.

    There is not even any serious objection from drivers here, which indicates how low the car traffic on this road is.

    Yet here comes the Bike Union, raining on the pedestrian parade once again (as was done on Jarvis), this time for even less benefit.

    Instead of fighting for what cyclists need and want (Bloor-Danforth Bike lane, e-w lanes through the financial district, or even the long proposed extension of the Beverly-St.George lanes via Peter/Blue Jays way, as per the bike plan)……..they waste time making people who have been and want to be cycling supporters (pedestrians)….angry.

    This costs support for cycling in the City; and alienates a natural ally of the bike movement.

    John St should proceed as a pedestrian-centric project, which will, incidentally improve cycling conditions, through wide single-lane traffic each way, providing more room for cycling, fewer cars, and a lot more walkable street.

    The Bike Union should re-focus first on why only 1 bike lane approved in 2009 has been painted; why none of the 2010 approved lanes has been painted; then on achieving those actions which will slowly building cycling up to a critical mass where we can achieve things like the Bloor-Danforth Corridor.

    To do that we need more cyclists on that corridor and through those wards, ASAP, and achieving bike lanes on Donlands, Coxwell, Broadview (as proposed in the Bike Plan) will go some distance in doing that.

    Building up suburban cycling, by making sure all those commuter-trails we start this year get finished, and more get started (like the Scarborough Transportation Corridor and the Warden Hydro Corridor); and by getting bike parking (covered) at EVERY suburban TTC station.

    That would be useful; and sadly, an unexpected improvement in the Bike Union’s thinking.

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