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Bike Parking at Ryerson University

Students and faculty at Ryerson University are very lucky to have one of the most exceptional examples of bicycle parking in all of Toronto. Ryerson’s campus features parking for roughly 1,000 bikes using racks, ring and posts, and an indoor parking facility. Unfortunately, for many campus commuters or cyclists heading down to the area it can be difficult to find available parking spots or even parking which can protect their bikes against rain or snow. While tinkering around with Google Maps I decided to take on a simple mapping project and map all the bike parking facilities in campus. The purpose is to illustrate common and not so common areas in which bikes are locked up, which ones provide cover and where some of the hard to find parking is.

The map can be found by clicking on this link.

View Bike Parking at Ryerson Campus in a larger map

Posted: September 30th, 2010
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Queen’s Park Grand Prix

Back in September 19, Queen’s Park was surrounded by the sounds of cheering fans and clanging cowbells for the Queen’s Park Grand Prix. Hosted by Hello Velo, the Queen’s Park GP offered everyone a chance to see Canadian professional cyclists like Ryeder Hesjedal and Michael Barry both being notable riders in this year’s Tour de France. The race also featured many Canadian Cycling teams such as Hello Velo’s Darkhorse Flyers, Jet Fuel Coffee, and Team Planet Energy to name a few. I was too busy watching and yelling during the race to take many photos but I did manage to shoot a few shots of the Pro-Am race:

Ryder Hesjedal at Hello Velo

Ryder Hesjedal (Garmin-Transitions) and Michael Barry (Team Sky) at the start line

Riders from local racing team Jet Fuel Coffee

Jet Fuel Coffee cyclists doing a warmup lap

Hello Velo’s cycling team the Darkhorse Flyers were also out in full force

Ryder Hesjedal warming up

Michael Barry leading the pack

Ryder Hesjedal hammering it with the lead group

Michael Barry speeding by

Michael Barry with the lead group despite having a broken rib.

Ryder chatting with fans after the race

and here are a few shots from the women’s masters race:

Posted: September 29th, 2010
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I just couldn’t wait until the Bixi bikes made their way to Toronto so I loaded up a backpack full of clothes and my camera and headed out on a road trip to Montreal to try them out. It was so worth it.

Bikeroo with his first ever Bixi Bike

The first thing I noticed when I got to Montreal was how many of Bixi bikes there were. I couldn’t go five minutes without seeing a docking station or someone riding one of these bikes. I loved how convenient it was to just walk up to a station and start riding away. Going around Montreal by Bixi had to have been the best way to explore the city since it was cheap, speedy and fun!

Taking the bike for a spin

Visiting Old Montreal by Bixi

The whole Bixi system was really easy to use and was accessible both in English and in French. The stations provided information on how to use the bikes as well as the number of bikes available at neighbouring stations including a map of the area.

Bixi docking station

The Bixi bikes are a lot of fun to ride and I can’t wait until they start rolling in Toronto. The 3-speed Nexus hub, drum brakes, dynamo-lights, fenders, basket and all the other accessories on the bike not only look great but also work really well and will definitely be put to good use here in Toronto.

Physically separated bike lane in Montreal

What makes biking in Montreal great is the abundance of various forms of cycling infrastructure, hopefully with the critical mass of people riding bicycles thanks to Bixi we may be able to see separated bike lanes in TO too.

Physically separated bike lane in Montreal

Posted: September 2nd, 2010
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